Pandora’s Star | Peter F. Hamilton

Pandora’s Star | Peter F. Hamilton

I finished the insanely long book Pandora’s Star
by famed author Peter F. Hamilton yesterday. In book format it’s just under 1,000 pages. In audiobook format it was listed at 37 hours to listen to it. That’s like a full work week just listening! Being that I listened to it at 1.25x and sometimes 1.5x, I think I cut the time down to something like 33 hours.

The book is widely liked by folks as evidenced with its high markings by Amazon reviewers and Steve Gibson and Leo Laporte.

I had high expectations and I was let down by it. I suppose I was comparing it to the writing style of David Weber, a favorite author of mine. I hadn’t read (listened) to anything by Peter F. Hamilton before so I didn’t know what to expect.

The primary reason I didn’t like it so much was that it was painfully long and didn’t capture my imagination like David Weber does. Pandora’s Star is full of character detail and development to a fault. Throughout the book the author takes us down a path and then veers off into ancillary stories about other things/ times and character events and it’s hours before you’re back on track to the main plot. Many times I forgot where we were going and what the point was. Additionally, with all of the extra stuff, there wasn’t a lot of science fiction to it – at least, nearly as much as I was expecting/hoping for.

The audiobook was broken into five parts and by the start of the third part I had fully lost interest in the book and finishing it was just a matter of pride and persevering through to the end.

I doubt I’ll read or listen to another Peter F. Hamilton book unless it shorter, of a more normal novel length.

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