My Take on Guns and Associated Violence

My Take on Guns and Associated Violence

Its not normal for me to make public posts about political or social issues, but I am making an exception this time.

In light of yet another tragic, and senseless, act of violence, with the use of firearms, in San Bernardino, I am completely at a loss for words to describe how I feel. Frustrated is the best I can come up with, yet, it doesn’t adequately fulfill the feelings I have regarding these acts.

As usual, the Democrats, and Republications, retreat to their corners and blast each other over the perceived reasons for these problems, we, as a society, face. We can toss out there all the cliches that are spouted each and every time, like ‘guns don’t kill people; people kill people.’

Democrats want more strict gun control laws, the Republicans want less restrictions on guns, and the United Nations wants to seize firearms from all civilians.

As far as I can see, no one side is going to achieve their aims in this endless battle over firearm ownership. But there is one solution that is possible, but not probable, and it’s not unlike what the UN is aiming for.

The real solution here is to eliminate firearms from everyone. When I say everyone, that means everyone, not just civilians in the United States. I mean everyone; civilians, criminals, terrorists, law enforcement, military, and governments, from all nations and peoples of the planet. Only then will gun violence cease.

If one group of people are allowed to have firearms, and others are not, the capacity to abuse, harm, injure, or kill others remains a real problem and a threat from those who would possess firearms. History has shown us this over, and over again. Take a look at almost any dictatorship and you’ll see abusive governments who remove firearms from their populace and then control and oppress them.

Let’s be realistic here though. We all know that it’s totally improbable to eradicate all firearms from the planet. We can disarm the civilian populace of many countries, but not all of them. The black market underground will always find a way to obtain firearms and use them; it occurs everyday and won’t stop.

The way I see it, disarming good, normally law-abiding civilians, only puts them at a disadvantage because bad guys don’t obey the law, which is why they’re bad guys. They won’t turn in guns because they’re told to. No, they’re going to keep them or find different ones.

Now, I am not advocating that all people should be allowed to own or possess firearms. Clearly, there are people who have no business with a gun in their hand. The laws we have in place in the United States are a good start to controlling access to those who shouldn’t have them. What we need is stricter enforcement of existing laws and better background checks and tougher application requirements along with more training.

No matter how many laws, how tough we make it to obtain guns, and how severe the punishment is for violating them, we cannot prevent everyone from going off the deep end and committing atrocities while using firearms.

It’s a sad reality of the world we live in. We can’t get rid of all firearms, nor can we prevent everyone who shouldn’t have access to them that access either. All we can do is continue to crack down on easy access methods, and continue to prosecute on violations of laws.

I agree that it should be more difficult to obtain firearms and that stricter requirements are met before a person can get one. But that doesn’t solve the problem of keeping firearms away from bad guys seeking to obtain them.

How can we prevent bad guys from getting firearms? I don’t know; I doubt that it’s possible.

At least, if civilians are allowed to possess and carry a firearm of their own, they pose a potential threat and provide a deterrent to suspecting bad guys looking to do them harm. Those bad guys, might, reconsider their actions.

I think the real problem with the violence is a human behavior problem. Some of the things that seems to be a root cause of the violence stems from political issues, social issues, religious issues, overwhelming stress leading to rage, and just plain evilness of some people. People who succumb to these things use firearms as a means to either promote their cause or to release their anger and stress.

If we could eliminate all firearms on the planet, these people would, no doubt, find and use some other means of carrying out their violence. Swords, knives, cars, you name it – anything that can be used as a weapon. Truly, there is no guard against this.

I have the solution, but I know that its not achievable. Short of that, I don’t have the answer to these problems and neither does anyone else.

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