Soylent for Breakfast

After letting the Soylent chill in the refrigerator over night I took it out and had to mix it up again. I poured the oil in yesterday and by morning it separated and was on top. Not a big deal, shook it up more and it re-mixed.

According to the book that came with it, one meal, about 500 calories, consisted of about 16oz. So I filled up a glass with that much and drank it. The taste wasn’t bad. It reminded me of a protein drink with peanut butter in it. It was also gritty, which I expected from reading and watching other reviews. The only difference between it and a protein drink was that it was less sweet. I do have a full feeling in my stomach which should last until around lunch time I suspect.

The only tip I have so far is with the mixing pitcher. After you have shook it up, hold it over the sink when unscrewing the cap. The design of the cap is such that it keeps it from leaking, which it good, but it also retains a lot of Soylent too and drips all over.

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