Soylent is dubbed a “meal substitute” by one of it’s creators, Rob Rhinehart, and boasts that one could potentially live on this stuff and nothing else.

Soylent is a powder mixed with water which provides essentially all the nutrients, from a chemical basis, that the body needs to sustain itself in a healthy manner, leaving out all the bad stuff that typically comes with normal food. It’s supposed to provide all the nutrients and calories you need daily through 3 “meals” of it each day.

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I’ve just learned about this product a couple of weeks ago and was instantly interested in it.  I’m the type of person who yo-yo diets and I know its bad. I’ll get gung-ho about eating right and exercising for months or a year at a time, then fall off the wagon and get back into eating horribly and not exercising.

After I was out of the Marines for several years I ended up gaining a lot off weight. I ended up at 260 pounds at my worst in 2007. Then I decided to eat right and lost 91 pounds that year on diet alone. I kept the weight off for quite a while and then ended up at 230 pounds again several years later.

This time, I decided to join a gym and with the help of a friend, I stuck with it and ate properly for more than a year and I ended up in great shape for quite a while again.

Things change, people move on and so is life. I’ve fallen off that wagon again and am currently eating poorly again and not exercising. Today I am 224.4 pounds and have diabetes, type II. My sugar is way out of whack and I fear that I may need to start taking insulin shots if the pills my doctor prescribes doesn’t help enough.

So my hope with Soylent is that first, I like it or can tolerate it. Secondly, and probably most importantly, that I can sustain consuming it as my primary intake of sustenance. That is going to be the toughest part for me I think. But if I can maintain it, I also hope to lose weight, by not overeating and eating poorly and help control my diabetes. I’d also like to feel better overall, physically and maybe even mentally. I often have afternoon crashes where I need to lay down for a nap and most mornings have to drag myself out of bed.

I ordered a 1 week supply of Soylent for $85, which was the least expensive option to get started with. They’ve just started filling orders for the general public in late April and shipping estimates are 10-12 weeks. So it’s going to be a while before I get started.

I’ve restructured my website’s handling of blog posts to accommodate a separate Soylent blog. All my usual stuff will still hit the front page, but all Soylent related posts will end up on this page. I hope to keep a continuing dialog here and to post helpful and informative information here.

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  1. I always eat healthy and exercise regularly, but I am also a serious foodie and love to cook and bake, so I really think that I would miss real food. Hey, you should check out the old 1973 movie Soylent Green!!!


  2. That’s excellent you’re able to have the discipline to do that. It’s an area of my life where the discipline is lacking. I love food too much, good and bad, and love to eat it all!

    The movie Soylent Green is partly where they got their name from, which was loosely based on the book ‘Make Room! Make Room!’ a 1966 science fiction novel.


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