Star Trek: Into The Darkness

Star Trek: Into The Darkness

What a great flick that was! Start to finish was fantastic. The acting was good, the plot good and the visual effects good.

I was impressed with Star Trek (2009) with the actors for Kirk, Spock, McCoy and Scotty and how they were able to really capture the likeness in mannerism of the original actors. They did a remarkable job and it continued with Into the Darkness.

I also enjoyed the sort of role reversal between Kirk and Spock regarding the flash-forward from the early Star Trek films and TV series. The radiation scene, Kahn and his crew being rescued from cryo-sleep and turing on the Federation, just like in TOS.

I also was reminded of the highway scene in The Matrix (2? or 3?) when Spock and Kahn were fighting on those ships flying through San Francisco, just like Morpheus and the Agent.

Early in the film, they encounter the Klingon’s and their D-Class ships. One thing I noticed was they had a sound reminiscent of the Tie Fighter from Star Wars. I thought that was strange, but interesting.

Then the head of Star Fleet was played by Peter Weller who played Officer Murphy, RoboCop, in 1987. That was cool seeing him again since I don’t think I’ve seen anything he’s done since then.

JJ Abrams did a great job in bringing in new technology, a new story intertwined with bits and pieces from the early movies and TV series. I loved it all.

Lastly, they left the door open for more movies with the crew talking about their 5-year mission which is just beginning and that Kahn and his crew are being kept alive in their tubes. Surely they won’t stay there forever.

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  1. Hey Sandbox General,
    Hope you are having a great summer!! Would like to read more post about introversion. I’ve read your old post and find them really interesting and educational, being an introvert myself. Thanks


    • Thanks. I think I should re-read those older introversion posts and see if I’ve changed any since then. Since, as we know, our lives change and evolve as we grow older.


      • So true. I am now at a point in my life where I am finally seeing myself as normal. I also see myself kind of unique, and I appreciate the fact that I can be alone. I know people who can’t, and I feel sad for them now.


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