Good Day at the Gym

Good Day at the Gym

After being a little ill the last few days, I made it back to the gym today. I started feeling sick Tuesday afternoon but made it to the gym after work hoping to sweat it out of me. It didn’t work and I ended up staying home from work on Wednesday which is a normal off day from the gym. Thursday I was able to get back to work but my nose was like a leaky faucet all day so I didn’t go to the gym. So I had two off days in a row and made it to the gym today.

Yesterday was supposed to be a chest and triceps day and today was dead lift day. I broke another personal record today on dead lifts!

Set 1: 225 lbs. 10 times (warm up set)

Set 2: 315 lbs 10 times (previous record was 9 times)

Set 3: 315 lbs 9 times (yet another record as I did 315 lbs for two sets and got in the high rep range that I wanted)

I think that having the extra day off despite being sick helped a little as I had plenty of energy today. After dead lifts I did my usual Roman Chairs exercise for 3 sets. Doing those makes my back more sore than any other exercise. It is also the exercise that gets me the most light headed. I have to stand there for a minute when I finish a set to let the blood rush out of my head and wait for the room to stop spinning. I hate that, but oh well; it’s all worth it.

I also did a couple of chest exercises since I missed yesterday. I did some incline dumbbell presses and some cable fly’s.

Tomorrow is “Tom Platz” day, AKA legs day. Check out the motivational video below of Tom Platz (The hypnosis part of this video is stupid though).

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