You Have Bad Breath (Halitosis).

You Have Bad Breath (Halitosis).

Well maybe not all of you have bad breath, but I know a few people who consistently have bad breath. I’m not talking about bad breath caused by eating a salad with onions or something with garlic in it whereby after a little while it goes away; we all get that sometimes. I am talking about people who’s breath is atrocious every single day and the smell is the same. It also seems that these people tend to be “close talkers” (see video below with a scene from Seinfeld) and get right up close to you when they talk so you can smell their nasty foulness.

There is something wrong with you people that have chronic bad breath. You must either have poor oral hygiene habits, an underlying serious health issue or a combination of both. If you are one of these people or even suspect that that you are (and no one has had the guts to tell you) check out this link to the Mayo Clinic about this subject.

Now let’s move on to another interesting topic related to this. What is the typical reaction people take when they’re told they have bad breath or some other offending issue? What I usually see is a hostile reaction whereby the person being told strikes back saying “No I don’t!” and then they proceed to go on the offensive and attack the messenger by calling them names or pointing out some shortcoming of theirs, thereby justifying their own bad breath, even though they think they don’t have it. Or they say something to the messenger about them being rude by saying such a thing.

Now wait just a cotton-picking minute here! If I am the messenger telling you that you have bad breath, why are you acting all offended that I told you? I was first offended by YOUR bad breath and that makes ME the VICTIM here, not you. By me telling you of the problem, I am in hopes that you will do something about your nastiness like maybe brush your teeth, tongue and floss more than once a month or go see a dentist. You have no right getting upset that I told you about this, because you are going around offending everyone you talk to.

Additionally, these people with the chronic bad breath amaze me that they can have spouses or boyfriends/girlfriends. I say that because how can their mate stand kissing them? This baffles me a lot. My only theory on this is that their mate must have the same bad breath as them so they don’t even notice it, or their sniffer is totally broken. There is no way I could be with someone who has chronic bad breath that makes me want to vomit when I am near them. I couldn’t handle it, I just couldn’t. It doesn’t matter how nice she is or how beautiful she may be, if her breath makes the paint peal off the walls, she has got to go!

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  1. Re: Bad breath I had it for about 18 years. I was Ms. unpopular. For a long time I was thinking my life was not worth living. I didn’t think to read about it on the web until one day a person I didn’t even know told me I had really bad breath and said she had it once too and told me to check online for a site called as it worked to cure her bad breath. I was thinking how nice she was as most people just hold their nose and walk away from me. Anyway I followed advice and after a week I noticed my tongue started turning red and the bad taste was gone from my mouth. I started noticing people had stopped holding their nose and trying to get away from me. A few months later I bumped into her again. I told her I used her advice and thought it worked, she asked me to breath out in to her face while she smelt it and she is like smiling and said my breaths is fresh now. I hugged her, I didn’t tell her what I was thinking just a few months earlier, but her and that site was a life saver to me. Don’t let bad breath ruin your life like it tried to do to me. Another site I found useful is it shows you how to test your breath without leaving home. When I asked my Doctor who is an EMT bacterial researcher about the site he said it’s the oral research laboratories and there are 3 websites publishing the monthly reports from Oraltech Labs. I said why didn’t he tell me before? He said I didn’t ask him, which was true. He said all bad breath sufferers should visit and or as his clients (including me) report very good oral health outcomes after following their advice. Anyway I Hope this helps you, Jenny Wilson, SD.


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