Initial Health Post

Initial Health Post

Well so far since the first of the year I have lost about 30 pounds. All due to a proper diet and plenty of exercise. It took a few months of pushing by my friend to get me to sign up for the local gym. I started changing my diet for the better in late December 2009 and by February 1, 2010 I finally joined the local gym.

I have been very faithful to the gym so far by going 4 to 5 times a week after work. Taking only Wednesday’s and Sunday’s off and occasionally one other day for extra rest. I have been keeping quite good with my diet and only cheating a few times over the months. I do my best to follow a general rule of eating. Eat like a king for breakfast, a prince for lunch and a pauper for dinner. Plus I try to eat in small portions every couple of hours to keep my metabolism going.

My other motivation for going to the gym as much as I do is that I paid for a year’s membership at about $400. I don’t want to waste the money I spent by not going like so many people do. I’ve done that at another gym before and I was stupid to not use it.

I am down to 201 pounds and think I have about 16-20 more pounds of body fat to go to get to where I want to be. What I want is a flat stomach again. I think I should be somewhere around 187 pounds for my height and build. I am just so sick of having all this belly fat and it drives me mad everyday that I have to look at it. So I am working out as hard as I can and being careful what I eat and how much of it.

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  1. hey! Nice post. Had me interested the whole me through, subscribed. Check out my most recent post about Snacking. Please leave your comments on it!


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