Hello world!

So this is my first post on my blog. I had a Facebook account last year for a while but it got to be too much for me to deal with. It was more of a bragbook because most people on there talk about what they’re doing every second of the day. That is annoying to me. In addition to that, I don’t like the privacy setup they use and in general, I had too much information about me online. Since then I have gone to great lengths to remove my name and information about me from the Internet where I can. You should Google yourself and see what kind of stuff there is online about you. You may be surprised.

I guess having this blog page will allow me to have an opinion on things in a manner where I control every aspect of what goes online while allowing a small degree of my mind and it’s thoughts to filter out to the world. I am a private citizen and I like to keep it that way.


  1. I agree, I like to put my thoughts and interests and moments of insanity out there to read but… at the end of the day I would rather you not know who I am. I liked to remain a little anonymous, one of the foundations of the internet. 🙂


    • Yes absolutely! I don’t mind sharing my thoughts, but I also don’t want the whole world knowing my name or where I live. There are too many weirdo’s out there and you never know who may take exception to what you may say and try to come after you.


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